Is Lucas A. Nast ‘The Secret Santa’ Real Or A Hoax? #TheSecretSanta Goes Viral [Video]

TLC ran a new movie or “investigative piece” called The Secret Santa. The film follows a woman claiming to be a reporter from Phoenix who is investigating a series of Christmas “miracles.” The investigation leads her to a man named Lucas A. Nast.

Nast has a strong resemblance to Santa Claus with white hair, a jolly smile, and white beard. Lucas Nast worked for the post office’s “letters to Santa” program. However, it appeared that Nast was actually granting Christmas miracles across the country, what ever state he happened to be that year.

Only one criminal record marred Nast’s past — a charge for illegally transporting reindeer. Now, as far-fetched as the whole scenario sounds, the investigative report seems to prove a Santa in disguise has been granting wishes throughout the years as Lucas Nast.

It seems that people across America want to believe that Santa is real and that Lucas A. Nast is wandering the country doing good deeds.

Lucas A Nast

Sadly, it appears that The Secret Santa is just another faux-documentary like Mermaids, which fooled many viewers into believing that mermaids were real. One writer from Variety went so far as to say the fake documentary should land TLC on the “naughty list.”

The “documentary” was obviously designed with the intention to invoke holiday wonder for the young and old. However, it seems that a lot of people were fooled into believing Lucas A. Nast was real. In fact, Twitter is buzzing with people asking if the show was real or a hoax.

However, others pointed out that regardless of if the program was real or not, it was bringing joy to many who watched.

What do you think? Should there be a disclaimer on faux-documentaries like the Lucas A. Nast story?