Surprise! Secret Santa Is Popping Up Everywhere

Much to gift recipients’ surprise, Secret Santa is popping up everywhere this Christmas season. Jolly old St. Nick has made quite a few fun appearances in completely unexpected places, sometimes wearing the classic red Santa suit and sometimes taking people by surprise while disguised as an average citizen. Here are some of this year’s best surprise visits by Secret Santa.

Bill Gates Gives Reddit Secret Santa Exchange Participant a Shocking Surprise

For the second year in a row, Bill Gates has participated in the popular Secret Santa gift exchange on Reddit. According to Newsmax, user “Cali” received some spectacular surprise presents from Gates, including a Loki helmet worn during the filming of Thor and Marvel’s The Avengers.

Surprise! Secret Santa Delivers Layaway Gifts As USA Today reports, it’s sometimes easy to forget others during the busy holiday season, but some people make a point of giving to the less fortunate. One Georgia couple decided to play Secret Santa by making a Good Samaritan donation of $5,000 at a local WalMart, paying off presents for 30 people. The reaction to this surprise is priceless. Secret Santa Cops Surprise Drivers by Handing Out $100 Bills Imagine being pulled over by a uniformed police officer, wondering what the problem is, and then being given some much-needed holiday cash. A wealthy donor in Missouri had Kansas City police hand out $100,000 in $100 bills to citizens who looked like they could use a little extra help this Christmas. Drivers and their passengers went from annoyed to overwhelmed in the blink of an eye in the footage captured by CBS. The anonymous donor said that

“As tough as [the officers] are they have hearts that are bigger than the world”

These random acts of kindness are just a few of the many that will be playing out through the rest of the holiday season, and they are encouraging others to play along. Some are touching, some are hilarious, and some might just serve as gift-giving inspiration to those who want to take part in surprise Secret Santa activities of their own.

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