December 23, 2014
Road Rage: Woman Terrorizes Two Girls On I-80 In Harrowing Video

A road rage incident on Interstate 80 in California will have you thinking twice about flipping off the motorists next to you next time there is a dispute.

That's because a woman in a silver truck took it to the extreme in allegedly terrorizing two young women who did just that.

Passenger Delanie Strykul claimed that the woman cut her and her friend Vanessa (the driver) off twice and then slowed down to drive alongside their car.

At this point, Strykul said she "threw up my hands and flipped her off," in comments to CBS Sacramento. Following the road rage incident, Strykul admits she wishes she hadn't.

"She pulls in front of us then pulls the car horizontal and stops us." At this point, Delanie, filming from the passenger seat, called 911.

The woman got out of the car and knocked on the women's window, claiming to be a police officer. From there, Vanessa took off, but the woman got back in her truck and caught up to them.

"She did the whole zig-zag in three lanes with her flashers on, kind of like what a police officer would do if they were trying to slow down traffic," Strykul said.

At that point, it gets pretty scary, but rather than describe it, I'll let you see for yourself. (Warning: NSFW due to strong language from the girls in the video, though after seeing it, who could blame them?)

What makes this road rage incident particularly frightening is the fact that it's real, and you're left to wonder what the woman would have done had she been able to coax the girls out of their car.

As it turns out, police were able to arrest the woman and later identified her as 50-year-old Dierdre Orozco. She will be charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Road Rage Arrest, Dierdre Orozco

CBS notes that the girls "may be forced to see the driver again, because if she intentionally hit their car, they would not be able to file an accident claim. Instead, they would have to take her to civil court to handle damage from the alleged road rage incident."

The Auburn Journal adds that Orozco is now being held at the Placer County Jail. This was her second arrest in a five-day span. The incident recorded in the video above happened just one day after her release from a Roseville jail.

What would you have done, readers? Did the young women handle this road rage incident the way you would have? Share your thoughts in our comments section.