Love Triangle Ends In Murder, Hubby Finds Wife Having Sex In Car

A love triangle in New York ended in the stabbing death of two people. According to CBS News, 48-year-old Steve Whittingham went into a rage after catching his wife, Jonelle Barker, having sex in a parked car with her coworker and lover, Jerome Barrett.

Police say that Steve Whittingham got wind of his wife’s affair with the coworker, and decided to catch them in the act. Authorites say he did just that, after he got a phone call telling him exactly where to catch her. When Whittingham arrived to the scene, he caught his wife and the coworker in the throws of passion inside the vehicle. That’s when police say Steve Whittingham stabbed them both to death.

Jerome Barrett, 35, was able to escape the car, running until he reached an apartment building located at 855 Louisiana Ave, where he collapsed just after ringing the door bell for help. After Barrett fled the scene, Steve Whittingham drove the car to another location with his wife in the trunk before abandoning it, reported the New York Daily News.

Steve Whittingham turned himself in to police, and helped them locate the vehicle. Jonelle Barker (aka Jonelle Whittingham), 36, was found nude in the trunk of Jerome Barrett’s car the next day.

It is a huge tragedy for all families concerned. Those who know Steve Whittingham say that he truly loved his wife, Jonelle, and can’t understand how he could have killed her. Jerome Barrett’s distraught family members remember him as a kind and loving family man. Jonele Barker’s family just recently had to deal with the death of Jonelle’s father, who passed away last week from cancer. Her mother was seen outside her daughter’s home in tears after hearing news of her tragic murder.


Friends and family members of Jerome Barrett took to his Facebook page to share their shock and outrage over the senseless killings.

“So unreal! I can’t even imagine. I feel like I’m bugging right now. Rest well my friend. And to the ones responsible, I pray they are caught and made to pay for what they did! #SIP #RIH”

“R.i.p. Jerome I’m still in total disbelief!! I can’t even sleep thinking about this!! I pray they catch the selfish bastards that did this to you!!”

New York City police have not specified who called to alert Whittingham before the murders took place. Both Jerome Barrett and Jonelle Barker worked together as baggage handlers at the JFK Airport, sources say. The murders are believed to have been captured on video. Both victims died of multiple stab wounds to the chest. Last month, the Inquisitr reported on the love triangle murder of a California man.

(Photo Credit: Facebook)