90-Year-Old Ex-Nazi Begins Serving Life Sentence

67 years after killing three Dutch people during World War II former Nazi Heinrich Boere has been sent to prison where he will serve out the rest of his life behind bars.

Taken by ambulance from a nursing home in Germany Heinrich was admitted to a prison hospital where a medical expert ruled him fit to serve out his life sentence.

During his court case Heinrich claims that he had to carry out the murders or face time inside a concentration camp. After being found guilty an appeal was rejected.

Speaking of the events that transpired he wrote:

“At no time in 1944 did I act with the feeling that I was committing a crime.”

Heinrich then explained that his attitude towards those events recently changed, events the judge involved in the case called “totally random.”

Originally convicted of the killings during a 1949 trial in Amsterdam Henrich Boere was never extradited.

Years after his Amsterdam conviction Boere’s case was rejected by a German court because he was not in attendance for the Amsterdam case.

Heinrich was indicted in 2008 and was sentenced in 2010. The former Nazi’s sentence would have started earlier but failing health kept him out of the prison system.

Do you hope Heinrich lives many more years so he can spend time behind bars recalling what he did to innocent people during World War II.