Curse The $@#%&% Judge? Sixty Years!

David Sidener of Evansville, Indiana was found guilty of murdering Randall Hilderbrand in March by a Jury of his peers, Today he went to court to find out his fate.

During his sentencing hearing at the Cook County courthouse, Sidener told the victim’s brother that he was innocent, then called Cook County Judge Charles P. Burns “a lying son of a bitch.” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I know you came here seeking justice, but you’re not going to get that today ” Sidener said to Randall Hilderbrand’s brother, Robert. “The man who killed your brother is out there with you.“I don’t care what this clown gives me,” he continued, turning to the judge.

He then proceeded to point at the judge, make fun of the way he talks and swear at him some more.

Burn responded by sentencing him to 60 years, a gift considering he could have gotten life.

Prosecutors said Sidener went to a bar with Hilderbrand and then went to Lucca’s Restaurant where Hilderbrand worked as a manager. Sidener lured Hilderbrand into the basement of the restaurant where he beat and robbed him then tied him to a pole with duct tape and some power cords, and left him there to suffocate.

Prosecutors were asking for a really harsh sentence and felt satisfied with the sixty year verdict.

Should murders be given a chance for parole?