London Hotel Launches Upscale ‘Women Only’ Hotel Rooms

Here’s something the women of Sex and the City would be proud of, the upscale and discreet Dukes Hotel in London have launched a special set of “Duchess Rooms” which specifically cater to single female travelers.

Assigned only to female travelers the “no men allowed” suits including feminine friendly additions including hair styling accessories, women’s only magazines and fresh flowers in every suite. The rooms also offer a make-up mirror and sewing kit.

According to AOL Travel:

Around the world, women-only rooms have been popping up aplenty. These include The Naumi Hotel in Singapore, the Premier Hotel in New York City, and Crowne Plaza hotels in Washington and Minnesota.

Women only hotel rooms may be gaining steam but they haven’t been without their own issues, a Danish judge recently ordered a hotel in Copenhagen to stop what they called a “discriminatory practice.” The Bella Sky hotel was ordered to end the practice after a male traveler complained to the country’s Equal Treatment Board.

For their part executives at the Bella Sky are refusing to back down, recently telling the AFP news service:

“The only man who can access this floor will be a fireman in case of fire.”

Do you think hotels should be able to choose what clientele they feature in exclusive rooms? Keep in mind the Bella Sky and the Dukes Hotel still allow men in their hotel, they just offer some rooms exclusively to single female occupants.