VIDEO: “The Sluts of Jonesboro” Dance Gets High School Team Suspended

A high school dance team has been disbanded following a performance known as “The Sluts of Jonesboro.” The Jonesboro High School dance team, from Jonesboro, Georgia, did the routine at a school basketball game on January 13. Parents complained the dance was provocative and inappropriate.

“The Sluts of Jonesboro” Story

The performance, uploaded to the Internet under the title “The Sluts of Jonesboro,” shows the eight girls wearing tight clothing and dancing with chairs during the halftime of a school basketball game.

The Clayton County school district investigated the performance, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, and decided to suspend the team from practicing or performing together for the remainder of the year. The girls were reportedly not disciplined individually outside of the team’s suspension.

“The Sluts of Jonesboro” Video

The following clip shows video of “The Sluts of Jonesboro” performance in question. You may vote below as to whether you believe it should have resulted in the team’s suspension.

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