A Sheep In A Christmas Sweater Was Wandering Around Omaha — No, Seriously

A sheep in a Christmas sweater is wandering around the streets of Omaha, Nebraska. No, that really is happening during this holiday season — and no one seems to know what to think of it.

According to Time, the Nebraska Humane Society picked up the sheep in a Christmas sweater on Sunday and don’t really know how it came to be. The sheep was actually just wandering the streets of Omaha and was dressed in a red and green Christmas sweater with paw prints on it.

The Humane Society hopped on Facebook and posted a message in the hope that the owner of the animal could be found. All they wanted to do was reunite the sheep in a Christmas sweater with its owner.

“If you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing Christmas sweaters he’s here at NHS.”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a Christmas sweater, even if it’s not for a tacky sweater party. The sheep just seemed to have one on and get away from its owner and out onto the wild(?) streets of Omaha, Nebraska.

In some good news though, the owner of the sheep in the Christmas sweater was found.

On Tuesday, December 9, WOWT reported that the owner of the sheep is named Margaret and her pet is actually named Gage. Margaret said that the sheep is actually her “baby” and she has had him for the past five months, but someone must have chased him out of her yard.

She actually didn’t even know Gage was missing until a picture of him appeared on Facebook and she realized, by the Christmas sweater, that it was her sheep. She’s happy he was found safe, though.

“I’m glad he wasn’t eaten. [P]eople eat these things this time of year.”

Yes, nothing seems to scream “Christmas” like gathering around the table for a festive sheep dinner with all the trimmings. Luckily, Gage won’t be on anyone’s table this year.

Officials from the Humane Society believed that the Christmas sweater wasn’t made specifically for a sheep, but for a dog. The paw prints seemed to give it away and it’s not like there is a plethora of Christmas sweaters designed for sheep in great supply at pet stores.

The sheep in the Christmas sweater was a strange occurrence in Omaha, but luckily, there is a happy ending to this holiday tale. Gage is home safe and sound, and is home for the holidays with his family.

[Image via Gawker]