College Professor Compares Tea Party To Nazis In Classroom Lecture [Video]

A psychology professor at a Texas college was caught on video in class comparing the Nazi Party of 1930s Germany to the contemporary Tea Party.

According to a report in the Blaze, the educator in question is allegedly Dr. Blake Armstrong of South Texas College.

On the video, he seemingly pats himself on the back for “such a good example” in describing the similarities in the political rise to power of the Nazis and the Tea Party, but adds to the students, “don’t tell anybody I said that, though.”

In the same classroom lecture that took place on November 17, Armstrong also classified both groups as a “bunch of nuts,” which he deemed “a good analogy” in another bit of self praise.

Earlier in the lecture, in a sequence which was not filmed, the professor allegedly called U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) a bastard for using his last name (whatever that means) to get elected, which apparently prompted the unidentified student to press record on his cell phone.

“I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but I decided to start recording,” the student explained. “The student told the Blaze he recorded his professor because he feels strongly that ‘it’s wrong for him to use his position as a soap box for his beliefs, especially with young, impressionable students.'”

Over the course of the semester, the professor allegedly insulted Republicans about three times (which seems pretty minimal given the typical academic environment in the U.S.).

Watch the clip embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

About 31,000 students attend South Texas College, which has five campuses, including in McAllen, Texas, and Weslaco, Texas. South Texas College offers an Associates of Art degree in Psychology.

Regardless of your opinion, if any, about the Tea Party, does it not seem inappropriate to bring politics into a course that is apparently about psychology?

On a substantive basis, moreover, the comparison also seems way off. The Nazis were lawless, genocidal war criminals who were bent on world domination. The Tea Party is a wholly peaceful grassroots group with activists who sometime dress up like George Washington or Lady Liberty when they rally in public.

Moreover, the Nazis were big government socialists who among other things implemented strict gun control. The Tea Party in general favors small government entrepreneurism and supports gun rights and other aspects of individual liberty under the U.S. Constitution.

Apparently South Texas College has not made any official statement about the matter of the professor’s Nazi/Tea Party analogy.

[image credit: a1mega]