Burning Victim: Mississippi Teen’s Final Words May Lead To Her Killer

Burning victim Jessica Chambers, 19, was found near her car, both aflame, on Saturday night. She was immediately rushed to a hospital in Memphis where she was later pronounced dead.

The car was discovered by a passerby, burning on the side of Herron Road near Highway 51, when the concerned citizen made a call to the Sheriff’s office. Emergency personnel had found her near the vehicle, where Jessica had tried to tell them who did it with her final words. There are currently two suspects, both of which Jessica had allegedly told authorities she had plans with that night.

Lisa Chambers, the teen’s mother, told the press what her daughter had been planning, and her unknowing last words to her family.

“She left to go clean out her car and was going to get her something to eat … [She] said ‘Bye, I love you, Mama. See you in a little while.’ Next time I seen her, she was in the Med.”

Lisa said her daughter worked at a department store, was a high school cheerleader, and didn’t currently have a boyfriend, according to WREG.

Ben Chambers, the burning victim’s father, recounted what authorities had told him.

“When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire. Only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet.

“They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out. She had a big gash on top of her head.”

The Chambers aren’t the only ones wondering who could have done this to their teenage daughter. The people of Panola County have taken to Facebook, looking for answers with the hashtag #JusticeforJessica.

The burning victim’s friend, Alicia Faulkner, is among them.

“For her, if she was [here] to know all these people care about her. We just want the story out there.”

Assistant District Attorney Jay Hale is determined to find whoever committed this murder, specifically who Jessica Chambers might have been with at the time.

“We’re trying to go through the information that we have, certainly interviewing all the potential witnesses we can and going through and using the phone records we can … We do have a phone that we believe is hers and that is what we are attempting to gather the information from.”

Burning victim Jessica Chambers’ visitation is scheduled for Friday evening at Wells Funeral Home in Batesville, Mississippi.

No words- “She Couldn’t Breathe” – The Brutal Murder of 19 Year Old Jessica Lane Chambers http://t.co/WWUIRNAFVf pic.twitter.com/qA1RdwRHAF

— Kathleen Herne (@KathleenHerne) December 9, 2014

Her mother Lisa only wants one answer from her daughter’s killer or killers, and that is why they would do it and “How would you like for it to be done to you, your daughter, your mother, your father, someone in your family?”

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