Herman Cain to Make Campaign Announcement [Watch Live Video]

Herman Cain supporters will find out today if Herman Cain will continue his campaign for the presidency. Herman, who has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, is expected to announce today if the Cain train will keep rolling on its path to the White House during a ceremony for the formal opening of his new headquarters.

Cain announced on Friday that he was going to have a long talk with his wife this weekend before he makes an announcement about his campaign.

The Huffington Post reports that Cain said in a speech earlier this morning:

“Nobody’s going to make me make that prematurely. That’s all there is to it. My wife and family comes first. I’ve got to take that into consideration. I don’t doubt the support that I have. Just look at the people who are here.”

Here’s a live feed from Herman Cain’s speech.

Ginger White, one of Cain’s accusers, says that she had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain. Herman denies that his relationship with Ginger White was inappropriate, but did admit that his wife Gloria was unaware of his friendship with White.

Yesterday, Ginger stood by her story while offering an apology to Gloria Cain and her family. White said:

“I am not a cold-hearted person. My heart bleeds for this woman because I am a woman, and being in a situation like this cannot be fun. And I am deeply, deeply sorry if I have caused any hurt to her or to his kids, to his family… I never wanted to hurt anyone. I’m deeply sorry.”

Do you think Herman Cain will drop out of the race? Do you think he had an affair with Ginger White?