Anonymous Declares Vengeance For Mike Brown: ‘We Are The Law Now’

The hacker collective Anonymous has been involved in protests, information quests, and more since Michael Brown was shot on August 9, but in a Twitter post today, Anonymous declares vengeance — or, in their own terms, justice. After responding to a direct threat from the KKK, they went on to promise that justice would be done, saying, “We are the law now.”

Anonymous’ involvement in the Michael Brown case has involved leaking (incorrectly) the name of the officer who shot Brown, and later, doxing Officer Darren Wilson, the actual shooter. They’ve doxed a list of purported KKK members, releasing names, social media accounts, and other contact information. They’ve further claimed to have evidence that Darren Wilson is a KKK member, though they did not release this information, saying it would endanger others. They’ve hacked a Twitter account belonging to the KKK.

All of this has led to a particular tension between the two groups, and it seems that on Friday night, that tension escalated. Though the Twitter account @MStag56 is now deleted or suspended, one of Anonymous’ many accounts has shared an image purported to be a tweet from that account. The tweet appears to be a direct threat, and Anonymous responded in kind.

Anonymous declares vengeance

This account is one of many that Anonymous listed as belonging to KKK members. The Klan did not show up as invited, though, and it is after this missed event that Anonymous declares vengeance.

After Friday’s failed meet-up, Anonymous opened Saturday with a warning, seeming to hint that they will bestow justice, or vengeance, themselves. They tweeted their promise early Saturday afternoon.

Though they don’t name a victim, there are certainly some obvious possible pursuits, including attacks on Darren Wilson or on the police force, or the KKK. The group, known for its hacking skills, may have in mind to use a digital, rather than physical, attack. It may be hoped that they could plan to pursue legal avenues, but “we are the law now” would seem to defy that as a possibility.

Anonymous declares vengeance — but where, and how, will they seek it?

[photo credit: sweet1eafs]