Darren Wilson: Attorneys Reveal He Will Not Apologize To Michael Brown’s Family

Darren Wilson definitely isn’t one of America’s favorite people right now, and his recent announcement may have only made the situation worse. According to Time Magazine, on November 26, the Ferguson police officer’s legal team revealed he has “no specific plans” to issue a statement of apology to Michael Brown’s family.

Apparently, they don’t see a reason to apologize for the murder of the unarmed teenager because it reportedly won’t make a difference.

Wilson’s attorneys, Jim Towey, Danielle Thompson, and Neil Bruntager, recently spoke with the Washington Post about the highly publicized case, Wilson’s life in hiding, and the reason he has chosen not to apologize.

“At first [his thinking] was, ‘I want to go back, I’m a cop, I want to still be a cop,'” attorney Thompson said. “It took some time for him to realize that wasn’t exactly going to be what happened.”

Towey also revealed how he had to give Wilson a reality check in order for him to understand how detrimental the life-altering case would be. Although he desired to return to law enforcement, Towey bluntly explained why that would probably never happen.

“I think I expressed to him, ‘Do you realize your first call back on the job will be to a blind alley where you’re executed?'” Although Towey stated that it took a minute for Wilson to process the analogy, he finally grasped the daunting possibility and said, “‘Oh.’ That is the reality.”

Then, last but not least, the attorneys revealed whether or not Wilson plans to apologize to the Brown family. Many have wondered if he ever would since he made no mention of Brown in his official statement following the grand jury’s decision. The legal team made it clear that the answer is, “no.”

“Even if he gave the most heartfelt apology, they’d still not like it,” Towey said.

Bruntrager also added his sentiments in support of the decision not to apologize.

“Taking a life is a horrible thing to have to do,” Bruntrager said. “And yet, the key phrase is, ‘to have to do.’ Because that is what he thinks. Is that going to make the Browns feel any less grief?”

Do you agree with Darren Wilson’s decision about making an apology to Michael Brown’s family? Share your thoughts.

[Image via NewsWeek]