80 Christmas Ornaments Taken By Man Using A Five-Finger Discount

More than 80 Christmas ornaments were carefully selected and taken by a man in New Jersey at a Hallmark store at the Galloping Hill Mall.

The man appeared to scope out the Christmas ornaments before snatching them up around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to NJ.com.

The male suspect decided convenience was his best method; he chose Christmas gift bags in the same aisle where the ornaments were stored. The gift bags concealed his five-finger-discounted ornaments as he cautiously looked around himself to make sure no one could see him.

He did not attempt to hide his face or to conceal himself. It appeared he knew exactly what he wanted and got what he wanted. The staff at the Hallmark store uploaded a surveillance video to Facebook which caught the thief red-handed. They are asking the public to help them identify the man who boldly chose to rob them of over 80 Christmas ornaments.

The staff believes he may have had a female accomplice who talked to him on a cell phone during the robbery.

If not caught, the alleged modern-day Grinch could have a really nice and undeserved Christmas tree or a pocket full of cash from selling the ornaments. The staff at the Hallmark store hope the “creep” can be caught and brought to justice by sharing their video posted to Facebook.

The Inquisitr will have more news about this situation as it becomes available.

Please click here to see the video: Post by Memory Lane Hallmark.