‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Thrown Into Infamous Phoenix Jail After Stalking Arrest

“Pregnant man” Thomas Beatie is headed to an infamous Phoenix jail after allegedly putting a GPS tracking device on his ex-wife’s car to stalk her.

Beatie, who made headlines as a “pregnant man” when he carried and gave birth to a child, is now in trouble with the law in his home city in Arizona.

Beatie is a transgender man with female reproductive organs, and in 2002, underwent gender reassignment surgery. Beatie later married, and after finding out that his wife was infertile, he became pregnant through artificial insemination. Beatie would go on to have three children, but the couple filed for divorce in 2012.

Now, Beatie has been charged with felony stalking and is being held at Phoenix’s Tent City prison, an infamous facility where prisoners are forced to wear pink underwear.

The “pregnant man” is accused of putting a GPS tracking device on his wife’s car, which she said left her terrified.

“The first feelings were fear, that he’s been doing this to me for so long,” Nancy told 3TV. “Then a little bit of not feeling well, like sick. Like, oh my gosh, he’s been knowing everywhere I’ve been, stalking me, and it’s scary.”

Court documents showed that the device had been on the car for years. Beatie admitted to placing the device on his wife’s car, saying that he would log onto an online account to monitor her movements.

Since rising to fame in 2007, Beatie has since become a public speaker, author and advocate for transgender and sexuality issues, but the couple has had their share of troubles. In 2012, a video was released showing a belligerent Nancy Beatie.

Lawyers for Nancy said they hope a divorce can be finalized soon.

“She’s just tired of being bullied, being harassed and now stalked by him,” said her attorney, David Higgins. “Hopefully, this puts an end to it.”

Law enforcement said that “pregnant man” Thomas Beatie won’t remain in the Tent City jail long and will likely end up with probation.

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