Adweek Reveals Best Commercials of 2011 [Video]

Adweek has revealed its choices for the best commercials of 2011, an eclectic selection that takes in commercials for cars, chocolate bars, milk, TV channels, and videogames.

I’ve posted the top ten below in traditional ten-to-one format. I’d actually seen most of these, but man, number six was new to me and DEFINITELY my top choice (just me, perhaps, but I thought Adweek’s number one – see the image above – was pretty mediocre).

I guess Eminem’s ‘Chrysler’ spot (which appeared during the Superbowl and makes third place here) is pretty memorable, while Chipotle’s ad (second place) is a real charmer, even with a Coldplay song. Most over-rated ad here, in my eyes: the teaser for Xbox 360 zombie-me-do Dead Island. Admittedly better than a lot of other videogame ads, yet videogame ads hardly set much of a standard (and I say that as an avid fan of games).

But enough of my rather aimless ranting. What do you reckon, readers?

10. Snickers “Focus Group”

9. Nissan Leaf “Gas Powered Everything’

8. Cravendale “Cats with Thumbs”

7. Deep Silver “Dead Island Trailer”

6. Canal+ “The Bear”

5. TalkTalk “Homes Within Homes”

4. Google Chrome “Dear Sophie”

3. Chrysler “Born of Fire”

2. Chipotle “Back to the Start”

1. Volkswagen “The Force”