Chicago Radio Hosts Learn They’re Being Fired During Live Broadcast

Times are hard in the radio industry, and two Chicago sports-talk radio hosts found that out the hard way as they learned – via a tweet from their colleague during a commercial break – that they were losing their jobs.

Alex Quigley and Ben Finfer were hosts on of the “Quigs and Finfer Show” on Chicago’s sports-talk radio station 87.7 The Game, according to Deadspin. It was the Chicago area’s first sports-talk FM station, and apparently it wasn’t profitable for the Tribune Company (the Chicago media conglomerate that owned the station). The problem was, nobody bothered to tell their afternoon hosts that; they learned their fate during a commercial break.

This tweet was the first the two radio hosts had heard that anyone at the station, themselves included, was losing their jobs, let alone that the station would be shutting down at the end of the year, according to USA Today. Needless to say, the two Chicago radio hosts had some rather choice things to say to their bosses, and they did so live and on the air after they returned from commercial break.

“We were coming back from a break and saw on Twitter from Robert Feder that the station is being taken off the air. Can you believe that? A lot of really talented people were hired to work at this station and found out through Twitter that they were fired. Nothing from the bosses. I don’t really know what to do for the last hour of this show. I guess take calls.”

Unfortunately for the listeners, after the hosts learned they were losing their jobs, their hearts weren’t really in it for the rest of the show.

“I don’t care about the Bulls and the Blackhawks. We just got fired.”

The show’s update anchor, Julie DiCaro, took to Twitter to complain about the way she found out she was losing her job.

Considering the live and on-the-air antics of some of their colleagues in the media industry – for example, the news anchor who let loose with a stream of obscenities and then quit her job during a live news broadcast, according to this Inquisitr report – the two hosts’ choice words for their management were rather tame by comparison.

You can watch the moment the hosts first reacted to their firing below.

As of this post, it’s not clear if the two Chicago radio hosts will be offered jobs elsewhere in the Tribune radio family, but considering the choice words they had for their management on the air, it’s unlikely.

[Image courtesy of: The Game Chicago]