Vladimir Putin: U.S. Will Never Subjugate Russia

Vladimir Putin believes that the U.S. “ruling class” is doing more than just trying to humiliate Russia — they’re trying to subjugate it.

Speaking at a meeting of the All-Russia People’s Front, a coalition of groups that support Putin’s policies, he corrected an audience member who said that the West wants to humiliate Russia.

“They don’t want to humiliate us, they want to subjugate us, to solve their problems at our expense. They want to bring us under control. Throughout history no one has ever succeeded in doing that to Russia and they never will.”

Vladimir Putin might be playing to nationalist sentiments to distract people from the teetering Russian economy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, oil prices have been steadily dropping, and there is little sign that they will bounce back any time soon. Vladimir Putin’s Russia is highly dependent on crude prices to prevent an recession. According to the Economist, a sustained drop below $90 a barrel is all it would take for the economy to shrink, and average price in the first half of this year was below $80.

Then there is the crisis that Vladimir Putin created for himself, the sanctions against Russian businesses. Western countries have been forcing layers of sanctions against Russia for its covert invasion of the Ukraine. That punishment now extends outside of Putin’s inner circle of friends to the wider Russian business community.

Putin has managed to maintain a small trade surplus, thanks in part to his own sanctions against foreign food imports.

Another round of sanctions or cheaper oil could mean another severe recession for Russia, but if Vladimir Putin promotes his narrative well enough, the people may focus their anger outside the country, particularly at the U.S.

At the meeting, Putin made a clear distinction between American politics and the American people.

“I think America and its people are more liked than disliked by people here [in Russia]. It’s the politics of the ruling class [in the U.S.] that is likely negatively viewed by the majority of our citizens.”

According to RT, he also addressed rumors that he left the G20 summit early because of an disapproval onslaught from other leaders, saying he was satisfied with the results and atmosphere of the summit. Vladimir Putin said that the Australians created a exceptionally friendly atmosphere, that there were no direct confrontations, and his early absence was because there was nothing left to do.

At the All-Russia People’s Front meeting, Vladimir Putin added that the Ukrainian crisis has brought the Russian people together.

“Our nation has shown the way with real civil participation, empathy and patriotism, and it has demonstrated its unity.”

[Image Credit: World Economic Forum/Wikimedia Commons]