Joe Arpaio Sues Obama Over New Immigration Policy

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has sued President Obama over his new immigration policy. On Thursday evening, the president revealed details of a controversial executive order. The new policy would allow an estimated five million illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. However, Arpaio argues that the order is unconstitutional.

As stated in an official press release, President’s Obama’s Immigration Accountability Executive Action includes “three critical elements.”

The first element addresses illegal immigration in general. During Thursday’s address, the president underlined a commitment to “crack down on illegal immigration.” Obama has agreed to provide a “surge of resources,” which will help secure the border and “increase the chances that anyone attempting to cross the border illegally will be caught and sent back.”

The second element prioritizes deportation. Essentially, officials will be directed to focus their efforts on capturing and deporting undocumented immigrants “who threaten national security and public safety.”

The third element offers undocumented immigrants, who are not a threat, a path to legal status. Although legal status is attainable, the prospective residents will be tasked with proving they are productive citizens without a criminal past.

The accountability element requires undocumented immigrants to prove they have lived in the United Sates for more than five years and have children who are legal residents of the United States. They are also required to pay taxes and reapply for legal status every three years.

As reported by USA Today, Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes Obama’s plan will create chaos throughout the nation.

“… among the many negative affects of this executive order, will be the increased release of criminal aliens back onto streets of Maricopa County, Arizona, and the rest of the nation.”

Citing consistent issues with illegal immigrants, Arpaio has resorted to unconventional and controversial methods. He has received stark criticism for his no-nonsense attitude and strict ideals. However, Arpaio argues that he is simply doing his job.

In 2013, the federal government ruled that Sheriff Joe and the Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Office used unlawful racial profiling as a form of immigration enforcement. Although the sheriff’s office is no longer permitted to use racial profiling, Arpaio is committed to reducing the number of illegal immigrants on the streets of Maricopa County.

As reported by US News, Sheriff Joe Apaio believes Obama’s executive order will undermine his efforts. He further argues that the new immigration policy will “severely strain resources, both in manpower and financially, necessary to protect the citizens.”

[Images via Toke of the Town and High Times]