Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, Reveals She Was Born Male

Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps’ girlfriend, has made a surprising admission, revealing in a Facebook post that she was born a male named David Roy Fitch at birth.

According to Radar Online, Chandler was an intersex baby. She possessed male genitalia but no testicles, while also having a uterus and no ovaries. Chandler went on testosterone blockers and changed her name to Paige Victoria Whitney in her teens before undergoing surgery in her twenties.

“I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man,” she posted on Facebook.

“There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me.”

Chandler says that she met Phelps on Tinder in August, later meeting at his Baltimore home to watch the Ravens football game on September 21. She asserts that the pair became intimate during halftime.

“The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman,” she said.

As the Inquisitr previously noted, Phelps was arrested for drunk driving in September and entered a treatment program in October.

After Phelps’ arrest, Chandler says she informed Michael about her complicated past in an email. She claims that Phelps has yet to respond to her, according to News.com.au.

“I never lied to him,” Chandler says.

“We were together for such a short period of time, I never had a chance to tell him about my life.”

Phelps is expected to complete his stint in rehab this week, though Chandler isn’t sure their relationship will continue.

“Michael is a brand, and dating someone like me may not be the best thing,” she said.

“I just hope he follows his heart and not what his people tell him.”

The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps holds 22 medals from the games.

[Image: Facebook via News.com.au]