Michael Phelps DUI Leads To Announcement Of Time Off, Treatment Program

After Michael Phelps was arrested in September and charged with DUI, there was speculation that the charges might mean the end of the swimmer’s career. Sunday morning, he announced via Twitter that he would be taking some time off to address personal problems.

On Twitter, at a little before 10 a.m. eastern on Sunday, Phelps posted a series of five tweets explaining his intentions.

According to Card Player, Phelps’ DUI on September 30 came as he left a casino. She was charged with DUI as well as speeding and crossing a double yellow line. ESPN describes the swimmer as the most decorated Olympian of all time, noting he has 22 medals, 18 of them gold. Back in September, he posted a public apology to Twitter as well.

The swimmer’s fans were largely forgiving, tweeting back to him with support and understanding. However, the charges could carry a risk of a lost license as well as a fine, and it seems the Olympic star swimmer took the incident as an impetus to change. His announcement today that he’ll be attending a program to help with his problems returned well wishes and promises of prayers, as fans thanked him for being a strong enough person to take responsibility for his actions.

There’s no word on how long of a break the swimmer will take. It’s clear, though, that fans will be waiting and ready when Michael Phelps deems himself ready to return to the sport.

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