Shanesha Taylor Accused Of Misappropriating Funds, Donating Thousands For Rap Album

Remember the Phoenix, Arizona, mother who was arrested for leaving her children in a car during a job interview? For those who don’t know, Shanesha Taylor was arrested and charged with two counts of felony child abuse back in March. However, many Americans showed sympathy for the struggling single mother who was reportedly homeless with no one to care for her children at the time of the interview.

She reportedly received more than $100K in donations from Americans around the country. Last month, Taylor even got her children back from Child Protective Services. So, all should be well in her world, right? Well, apparently, things aren’t going exceptionally well because now she’s being accused of misappropriating the funds she received in donations. Unfortunately, the media isn’t having sympathy for the single mother this time around.

According to the New York Daily News, Taylor was ordered to put $60,000 of the donated funds into a college fund account for her children. As a result of that plea deal, Taylor regained custody of her children and eliminated the possibility of jail time. However, she reportedly did not follow through with the terms of the deal, so prosecutors are reopening the case. It has also been reported that she now has an estimated $4,000 monthly budget since she received the funds. Several media outlets have also insisted that Taylor’s spending has become frivolous. But, unfortunately, there’s more.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin recently stated his displeasure about Taylor’s alleged spending habits and some of her other questionable habits he’s personally encountered, reports ABC 15. She reportedly failed to show up for several jobs and donated a substantial amount of money to the production of baby’s father’s rap album.

“I call these Taylor-ready jobs, all she had to do was show up,” Maupin said. Unfortunately, she didn’t. “We had someone call my office and alert her attorney to the fact that she spent $6,000 at a music studio in Tempe to finish her baby daddy’s rap album,” Maupin said. “That’s not what people gave her that money for. I haven’t spoken to [Reverent Maupin] since July 21. He has not been part of my defense team. Anything he says is libel or slander.”

Maupin has made it clear that he will no longer be supporting Taylor. She is reportedly seeking more donations in light of her upcoming trial.

Needless to say, an overwhelming number of people who donated to Taylor are livid. One organization that donated nearly $4,000 even wants the funds back.


“That sounds like a normal family budget, but not for someone who doesn’t work,” said Kathryn McKinney on behalf of the organization. “I know our money has been spent on a whole lot more than basic living needs, which is upsetting to us.”

Taylor is scheduled to appear in court again on December 10.

Should Shanesha Taylor be allowed to spend the donated funds however she wants? Share your thoughts.

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