June 29, 2017
Saudi Husband Gets Divorce At Wedding Ceremony: Bride's Face Horrified Him

A Saudi husband gets a divorce on his wedding day because the bride horrified him. His reason wasn't because the woman had on too much makeup or anything like that. In fact, the groom had no idea what his bride would look like before she walked down the aisle.

In a report initially released on Okaz, a Saudi man agreed to marry a woman he'd never met face-to-face before. This is said to be a popular tradition in some Middle East countries, in which a man and woman agree to marry before ever being formally introduced.

When it was time for the bride to lift up her veil, it wasn't for a kiss; the photographer requested that she reveal her face. He wanted to snap a picture of the happy bride and groom after they exchanged their vows. Apparently, things went from bad to worse at that point. As the bride began to smile for the picture, the groom protested in disgust.

The Huffington Post U.K. had translations of what Okaz reported about this dramatic event that occurred in the wedding hall of Medinah in Saudi Arabia.

"When he looked at the bride, he instantly divorced her," wrote Okaz. "He told her that he was sorry because she was not the woman he wanted."

Wedding guests tried to calm down the bride and groom, but the damage was done. The bride was reportedly in a fit of tears -- even collapsing from the trauma of her husband rejecting her on such a shallow level.

The Saudi husband's reaction by demanding a divorce from his new wife has attracted serious backlash from social media users. User Afra's comment is most noted in reports on this story. Afra is furious with the Saudi groom for what he did to his bride at their wedding.

"He caused her great pain through his irresponsible attitude and he deserves to suffer.

"He should appreciate that beauty is in the character, not the face.

"Unfortunately many young people today are interested only in looks and ignore values and morals. May God give her a better husband who will appreciate her for who and what she is."

This type of situation is similar to one about a man who divorced -- then sued his wife because he thought their children were ugly. He won $120,000 in the lawsuit, as Inquisitr reported. It was discovered that she secretly had plastic surgery years before she met him.

The Saudi husband demanding a divorce before wedding guests was even more humiliating for his bride. Many wish her much happiness when she meets someone in the future who truly loves her.

[Image via GoPixPic]