John David Duggar Courting? Photos Surface Of The Duggar With A Mystery Woman [Photos]

Tara West

Many have speculated when the popular Duggar twins, John David Duggar and Jana Duggar, will find a match since their younger sisters have already wed. However, it appears that at least one of the duo may have found a special someone.

John David Duggar is not heavily featured on the Duggar family's TLC series, 19 Kids and Counting. However, with two weddings in one year for the Duggar family, many are speculating when we can expect to see another Duggar tie the knot. John David and Jana are prime candidates simply because of their age, but no courtship has been officially confirmed by the family. Some fans speculate that John David is simply more reserved and may not wish to have his courtship filmed in the same capacity as Jessa and Jill.

Though John David has not been seen with any potential mates on the show, he has been spotted in photos that indicate he may be courting an unknown woman. In fact, there are two separate candidates based on photos found online. The first is an unidentified blonde lady who he has been seen multiple times sitting or standing near. In one case, James is standing next to the couple as a possible chaperone.

Check out the two photos in question below.

John David Duggar Courting 3

In the two photos, you see what appears to be the same girl. In the first photo, you can see that John David is sitting next to the girl in the yellow shirt on what appears to be a group date or ATI (Advanced Training Institute) event. In the second photo, the same girl can be seen standing near John David at a book signing event. She is helping John David sell copies of the family's book with James standing nearby. The fact that James is standing next to the pair left many fans to speculate whether he was chaperoning the two.

This is the girl who many are pointing to as John David's "mystery woman." However, there is another girl that I personally think could also potentially be involved with the Duggar. Instagram user Masiespace is an apparent family friend of the Duggars. She is frequently seen posing with various members of the Duggar family, and has been at both Jill and Jessa's weddings. One picture she posted in particular stood out to me.

This photo was taken eight months ago. In the photo, you can see the entire Duggar family in front of their RV. Note that Derick Dillard is seen standing behind Jill, Ben Seewald is seen standing behind Jessa and then John David is standing behind Instagram user Masiespace. She is the only person in the photo who is not part of the growing Duggar family. Both Derick and Ben have married into the family, so what is Masiespace doing in the photo?

On Masiespace's Instagram account, she is also seen in a lot of "selfies" with Jana Duggar, John David Duggar's twin sister. The two seem very close, and it looks as though Masiespace has been close with the Duggar family for quite some time. She can be seen taking walks with the other Duggar girls in a number of pictures, and is at almost all of the family's special events.

The Duggar family's official response about Jana and John David is that there is "no courtships news to share." Does this mean there is no news, or simply that the Duggar in the relationship is ready to share that information with the public just yet?

What do you think? Could one of these "mystery ladies" be John David's secret significant other? Is John David courting privately?