Jessa Duggar Releases First Honeymoon Photo, Fans Speculate Location [Photo]

19 Kids and Counting star and recently wed Duggar, Jessa Seewald, has finally released a honeymoon photo.

However, the picture does very little to help fans determine the undisclosed location where the photo was taken. Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald on November 1 and stunned everyone when she chose not to have her first kiss at the altar. Instead, Jessa and Ben decided to have that special kiss in private. Fortunately for wedding guests, after the first kiss was out-of-the-way the couple shared many sweet kisses at the wedding reception and has since posted a steamy picture on Instagram.

In the honeymoon photo, the couple are not locking lips. However, Ben can be seen giving Jessa a sweet kiss on the cheek. The photo was released on the official Duggar Family Blog with a cryptic caption asking fans to guess the secret honeymoon location.

“Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald are celebrating one week of marriage as they honeymoon in an undisclosed location. Where do you think the newlyweds are in this picture?”

Jessa Seewald Honeymoon photo
Photo of Jessa and Ben Seewald on their honeymoon from the Duggar Family Blog

The location guesses were extensive. Many are pointing out that the couple must be in a cold or cool location since both can be seen sporting jackets. Jessa had originally said she wanted to go somewhere warm, but it appears those plans were nixed for somewhere more private.

One fan noted that she thinks that is an olive tree in the background, so thinks the couple may be in Israel.

“I think they might be in Israel, just because of the olive tree, and the stony wall background, but I don’t know? They sure are a cute couple together!”

Others are speculating that the couple stayed closer to home and may have gone to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

What do you think? Does the Duggar Family Blog photos give away any other clues? Where do you think Jessa went for her honeymoon?