Shark Feeding Frenzy Reported As Great Whites Devour Whale In Australia

A feeding frenzy has been reported in the waters off Australia’s Mornington Peninsula as a group of great white sharks devour the carcass of a humpback whale near the surf line at St. Andrews beach.

According to Peninsula Weekly, an eight-meter-long whale carcass is floating just 200 meters offshore as a group of juvenile sharks devour the humpback. The feeding frenzy was reported by Ric Wilson, a volunteer shark patroller. He related that while an oily slick from the carcass had reached the surf zone, beach patrols have not yet started for the year.

“I’m worried that, because of the hot weather, people will be in danger,” Wilson observed.

“What attracted me to the site was the oily slick reaching to the surf zone where surfing operations were being conducted. There was a possibility that someone may have been coated with this oily substance.”

The feeding frenzy also drew a number of seabirds, which fed on the carcass alongside the sharks, according to the Age. Despite the damage wrought by sharks feeding upon it, Wilson was certain of the whale’s species, asserting that the results of the frenzy will last several days.

“I could tell it was a humpback because its corrugated skin was floating in the water as the sharks tore apart its innards,” Wilson claimed.

“It won’t go away. It will be there for two to three days.”

Earlier this year, a feeding frenzy was recorded on a beach in North Carolina. Witnesses asserted that over a hundred sharks were involved in the frenzy, which took place at Cape Lookout. As the Inquisitr noted, video of the incident revealed multiple sharks nearly beaching themselves in the shallow surf line, as the frenzy took place close to the water’s edge.

More recently, a whale carcass of the coast of Rottnest Island, Australia, drew several large tiger sharks and at least one massive great white. Though several boaters had gathered to watch the sharks feed, they were shocked when a young man jumped into the water, swam to the carcass and climbed atop the whale. Later admitting that his actions were ill-considered, 26-year-old Harrison Williams asserted that he didn’t believe the sharks posed any danger to him as they were too busy feeding on the whale.

[Image: Chris McLennan via Twitter]