Congress Less Popular Than BP Oil Spill, Lawyers, Paris Hilton [Chart]

Do you approve of the job being done by congress? If you do, you are one of the few. Last month congress’ approval rating fell to a record low of 9 percent. In comparison, 11% of American believe that polygamy is morally acceptable.

So just how unpopular is congress? According to a chart from Senator Michael Bennet, congress is less popular than the IRS, the airline industry, lawyers, Nixon during Watergate, BP during the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Paris Hilton, the United States becoming a Communist nation, and Hugo Chavez. Bennet said that he had a hard time trying to find someone or something less popular than congress. In 2008, only 5% of Americans viewed Fidel Castro in a positive light. Congratulations congress. You’re more popular than Castro.

Bennet created the chart to illustrate just how unpopular congress has become. Bennett said:

“Sometimes I get the feeling that people (in congress) don’t believe that the American people are watching… But they are. They know exactly what is going on. Because they’re living through this economy… Some people thing that congress has always been unpopular. But that isn’t so. This is congress’ approval rating today. 9%. We’re almost at the margin of error of zero.”

Here’s the video of Bennet’s speech.

If Bennet’s video was a little dry, here’s a clip from last night’s “Daily Show” where Jon Stewart explains, among other things, why congress’ approval rating is so low.

Congress isn’t the only government entity with a low approval rating. President Obama’s approval rating has also dropped to an all-time low.

Why do you think congress’ approval rating is so low? Maybe it’s because they just decided that pizza is a vegetable.