President Obama Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Still He’s Considered Very “Likeable”

President Obama was recently applauded by pundits for his jobs speech but that applause hasn’t translated into higher approval ratings, in fact his approval rating is at the lowest level since he took over as President of the United States.

In a recent poll conducted by CNN and ORC the Presidents rating shows that 55% of Americans now disapprove of his actions while July and August poll numbers put that number at 54%

When asked if President Obama is a “strong leader” 48% of respondents said yes, while his overall approval rating across all questions puts him at 43%.

Even while many Americans believe the President isn’t doing his job well, 80% of respondents said he’s “likeable” while most respondents said he appeared to be “compassionate” and “hard-working.”

When asked if the President has done well to curb unemployment only 39% agree that he has moved the jobs sector in the right direction, while 36% of responded approve of his work to fix the U.S. economy.

In the meantime only 9% of respondents say the Presidents policies have helped improve the state of the nation.

In the meantime the Presidential approval rating often has very little to do with becoming re-elected, President George W. Bush suffered low approval ratings for parts of his time in Office (leaving office with the lowest exit poll rating in U.S. Presidential history).

If you were a respondent in the poll how would you have responded to each of the areas listed above?