Tiger Sharks Swim To Dio In Bahamas Footage

Shark Diver Magazine recently concluded their October expedition to Tiger Beach in the northern Bahamas, and their interactions with the local tiger sharks have been expertly set to a 1980s classic by Ronnie James Dio.

Steve Cruz recorded the dive, editing the footage and using the 1983 song Holy Diver, from Dio’s album of the same name, as the soundtrack. Cruz then uploaded the Tiger Beach footage to YouTube.

Shark Diver Magazine regularly takes charters to the dive site, as their website notes, led by Eli Martinez. Tiger sharks that call the area home are well acquainted with humans and are docile in their interactions, as they are regularly fed.

During the course of the video, tiger sharks swim amongst the divers, some of whom are depicted on the boat raising their hands in the classic devil horn salute attributed to former Black Sabbath and Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio. One of the divers is even pictured making the heavy metal salute underwater, as a shark swims over his head.

Cruz’s expert filmography shows the tiger sharks investigating the group, one of whom places a shark in tonic immobility as Vivian Campbell’s guitar launches into a solo. When the shark is inverted by the diver, the orientation places it in a harmless state of paralysis, while it floats upside down.

Tiger beach is a popular destination for divers who wish to interact with tiger sharks. As the Inquisitr has previously noted, individual sharks call the area home, and have been given names by divers who frequent the spot.

Earlier this year, a shark nicknamed Hook disappeared from Tiger Beach, concerning local divers. When she returned several months later, the shark exhibited a bullet wound over her gills, as the Daily Mail observed. Likely inflicted by a fisherman, the wound was the second major trauma to occur during the shark’s lifetime. Its nickname derives from the odd angle at which its jaw hangs, likely also the result of a hostile encounter with fishermen. Despite its injuries, the tiger shark was pregnant when divers last saw it, and is expected to soon give birth.

Shark Diver Magazine leads inclusive live-aboard dive trips to Tiger Beach aboard the Dolphin Dream, an 86′ Ocean Expedition Vessel. The area is home to lemon sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, and, of course, Tiger sharks, some of whom have been named Princess, Hook, and Emma.

[Image: Steve Cruz via YouTube]