Occupy Wall Street Couple Meet While Praying, Get Married One Month Later

James Johnson

Emery Abbedl-Latif, 24, and Micha Balon, 19, were wed on Sunday morning just one month after the couple met while praying in Zuccoti Park, the temporary home for hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The couple met while looking for a good spot to pray and instantly fell for one another. Speaking about their wedding Balon said:

"This is a good way not to make the marriage about ourselves ... We are fighting for equality here."

Balon is currently studying human rights and the Middle East while Abdel-Latif is currently thinking about attending law school.

Speaking about their quick courtship and wedding Abdel-Latif said:

"I'm not sure I believed in love before I met her."
"It was very symbolic," and "I just wanted to cry."

[Image via Daryl Lang / Shutterstock.com]