It’s Quite Easy To Trap A Cat With Just A Circle On The Floor – Check Out These Super-Cute Photos

Cats have always been admired for their intelligence and cunningness. These feline creatures have proven that they can be pretty elusive and indifferent if they want to be. However, the internet is collectively doing research on cat behavioral psychology that proves it is quite easy to fool a cat.

After a few Reddit users reported that it is pretty easy to “trap” a cat with nothing but a circle drawn on the floor, it appears hundreds of people are attempting to replicate the experiment. Web users are now posting their own pictures of circle-loving cats, but the phenomenon has left vets and pet specialists stumped, reported the Mirror.

Step 1: Draw A Circle Or A Shape That Is Enclosed

Some animal behavior specialists are suggesting that all cats love tiny spaces since they worship privacy and crave safety. Cats have always been attracted towards small, sometimes seemingly uncomfortable but secure looking spaces. We have all witnessed how cats struggle to fit themselves into these inaccessible crevices. Hence they justify the cat walking, sitting, and staying in a simple circle by saying the circle offers an illusion of a safe, secure space.

Step 2: Wait For Your Cat To Simply Come And Get Trapped In The Circle

Even a suggestion or a hint that the space might offer safety is enough for a cat to fall for the circle trap, reported Love Meow. It doesn’t matter where the cat is sitting currently, there have been visual reports from across the globe that the cats are drawn to the circle and surprisingly stay in it for prolonged periods of time, till they find some other activity to indulge in or get bored of their confines.

Cats can be trapped with simple circular shapes and they need not be drawn on the floor too, proved some trappers.

Even A Simple Loop Of A Chord Is Irresistible For A Cat
The Loop Will Pull The Cat Like A Magnet

Just get any everyday item and make a circular shape. Chances are quite high that your cat will be magically pulled to this circle.

Any Everyday Item Like A Belt Can Serve A Cat Trap

If you do not want to draw or stick on your floor, you can even place some paper-napkins and make a quick makeshift traps for your cat.

Four Simple Paper Napkins Can Trap A Cat

Surprisingly, one experimenter even had success with non-feline creatures as well:

Laid A Trap For A Cat, Caught A Ferret With Identity Crises

However, some frustrated cat owners confirmed that not all cats will fall for the trap.

Cats may be elegant and intelligent creatures, but these simple experiments, which can be conducted by any cat owner, have allowed humans to exploit an interesting vulnerability.

[Image Credit | Mirror, Bored Panda, Love Meow]