Nicki Minaj Decries Double Standards, Gets Back With Safaree? Leaving Young Money?

She’s one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, but Nicki Minaj still thinks she gets no respect in some ways. The “Anaconda” rapper called out the media for a double standard in the way it treats female rappers, while rumors circulate that she’s patching up one personal relationship and breaking up a business one.

With her Pinkprint album set for a December 15 release, Nicki Minaj has the attention of much of the music world, and Nicki’s not staying mum on what she thinks is a double standard in the coverage she’s been getting. Speaking with V Magazine, Minaj defended her steamy “Anaconda” video, saying that there wouldn’t have been nearly as much fuss if it had been a video for a male rapper’s song.

“If a man did the same video with sexy women in it, no one would care,” Minaj said.

Nicki didn’t stop there, though; she took the non-hip-hop media’s reaction to task as well, basically telling them to keep quiet when they’re out of their element.

“You’re talking about newspeople who don’t even know anything about hip-hop culture,” Minaj continued. “It’s so disrespectful for them to even comment on something they have no idea about. They don’t say anything when they’re watching the Victoria’s Secret show and seeing boobs and thongs all day.”

Nicki is speaking, of course, of the hubbub that bubbled up when her wildly successful “Anaconda” video exposed the world to her ample, jiggling assets. The sexy video has already garnered well over a quarter of a billion views, but some called it overly raunchy.

Speaking of Nicki’s sexuality and the exercise thereof, rumors are now circulating that Minaj might be back together with longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels. Previous reports had the couple on the outs following a massive argument that reportedly ended in Nicki taking a baseball bat to a car that she’d bought for Samuels. There were even reports that Nicki had found comfort in the soft-rap embrace of Drake.

A new report from Urban Islandz, though, says that Nicki and Safaree have patched things up and the Benz was repaired. No word yet on how Drake is handling this.

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With her love life on the rebound and the media put in their place, Nicki’s looking to concentrate on the forthcoming release of the Pinkprint, but there’s now a question of whether or not Minaj will be switching labels in the near future. MediaTakeOut is claiming that Minaj’s label, Young Money, is on the verge of going bankrupt.

Reportedly, there are issues with taxes and lawsuits and all sorts of other yawn-business stuff, but the big news is that Young Money could be forced to sell off the contracts of Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga if the rumors proved to be true. That, of course, would spark a free-agent scramble on a scale unseen since Lebron decided his talents no longer needed South Beach.