Secret Lovers? Are Nicki Minaj And Drake Lying About Secret Hookups? What’s Rihanna Think?

On Nicki Minaj’s new song, “Only,” Minaj and Drake swear they’ve never hooked up in real life, but a new rumor claims that the two are protesting too much. Word has it that Nicki and Drake have been hooking up on the down low and Rihanna might not be too happy about that.

Rumors have been flying about Nicki Minaj and Drake being an item for a while now, at least since fans first caught a look at the sultry lap dance Minaj gave Drake at the end of the video for “Anaconda.” That video made Drake the envy of just about anybody with an internet connection and a libido, and it shot the speculation that Nicki and Drake were hooking up into the stratosphere.

On her new track “Only,” though, both Nicki and Drake swear up and down that they’ve never hooked up.

“I never f****d Wayne, I never f****d Drake,” Nicki raps on the track, “all my life man f**k sake. If I did I would ménage with ’em and let them eat my a** like a cupcake.”

That’s just the first line, by the way, and Drake follows suit shortly after, confessing that he never shagged Nicki, but fantasizing about what it would be like if he did.

“And the other day in her Maybach,” he continues, “I thought g*****n, this is the perfect time. We had just come from that video.”

That last bit is definitely a callback to the “Anaconda” video, proving that it probably left about as big an impression on Drake as it did on the rest of us.

So that’s two denials in one song that Nicki and Drake ever hooked up, and that settles it, right?

Not quite, according to Hollywood Life. A source supposedly close to the two rappers says that Nicki and Drake have been hooking up casually, but that Drake is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

“Drake has been interested in Nicki Minaj forever,” the source says, “and they have hooked up in the past, regardless of what they want to share in songs or anything like that. Drake is having fun being a bachelor and hooking up with random chicks but Nicki would stop that immediately.”

nicki minaj drake
This Drake gif from Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” will live on forever in infamy.

Of course, unnamed sources swearing that rumors are true doesn’t make them true. Nicki appears to still be committed to her longtime boyfriend, Safaree, with whom she was earlier rumored to be expecting a child.

That’s not stopping the rumors, though, and this one has spiraled out even beyond Nicki and Drake. Another Hollywood Life report has it that Rihanna isn’t too happy with the rumors that Drake and Nicki are hooking up. It appears, though, that Rihanna is trying to keep the idea of her ex hooking up with Minaj from getting to her.

“She can’t concern herself with who Drake sleeps with these days,” one source said. “She’s over him. She’s over Chris as far as anything sexual goes.”

So what do you think? If Nicki Minaj and Drake are hooking up, should they just come out and make it known? Maybe solidify the Nicki-Drake pairing as rap’s newest, biggest power couple?