Nicki Minaj Splits From Boyfriend Safaree, Smashes Up Mercedes With A Bat [Report]

All doesn’t appear to be well between Nicki Minaj and her longtime boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. A new report says the pair are splitsville, with Minaj having taken a page from Tiger Woods’ ex in a fit of anger.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels have been together for 15 years, well before Minaj became established as the preeminent female rapper in hip-hop, and the two were even recently rumored to be expecting a child, with wedding bells soon to follow. Not so, though, according to a new report from TMZ, which says that Minaj is done with Samuels, and that the relationship didn’t end amicably.

The new report is short on specifics, but TMZ says that Nicki and Safaree got into an argument and Minaj started screaming. When Safaree got mad at Nicki’s screaming, the “Anaconda” rapper grabbed a baseball bat and chased her beau out of the house.

Nicki then reportedly proceeded to do her best Elin Nordegren impression and took the bat to a 2012 Mercedes Benz, smashing out the windows and putting a serious hurt on the no doubt high-end ride.

To top it off, TMZ says that Minaj then threw Safaree’s — again, no doubt high-end — clothes in the garbage.

nicki minaj safaree baseball bat
Nicki Minaj and longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels have reportedly split, and it supposedly got ugly. Real ugly. Image via Pretty Status.

Reportedly, the police were called, and they eventually escorted Nicki’s erstwhile beau off the premises. No charges were filed against Nicki, though. Why? Well, the stuff she smashed up and tossed out was stuff that Minaj had bought for Safaree. You can’t get arrested for destroying your own property.

The pair reportedly broke up a short time after, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the whole baseball bat thing.

Minaj, of course, has been enjoying tremendous success with her runaway hit video for “Anaconda,” which has more than 275 million views to date.

Details have been scarce on Nicki’s love life, but rumors have been circulating that Minaj and Samuels had broken up. Samuels was spotted earlier this year with his Nicki-themed tattoos covered up by new ink, and the pair have not been seen together in public for some time.

There have also been rumors that Nicki has been secretly hooking up with fellow rapper Drake, though the pair have denied such suggestions in song. Still, reports emerged last week that there was definitely something going on between Nicki and the Champagne Papi, with sources saying that Drake wants to take his relationship with Minaj to the next level. If the talk of Minaj and Samuels being broken up is indeed true, it might be about time for Drake to ask for another lapdance.