Claudia Ochoa Felix Caught Twerking, World’s Most Dangerous Woman Is Kim Kardashian Of Mexican Organized Crime


Claudia Ochoa Felix, who is widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous woman, but also happens to look like Kim Kardashian, has apparently been caught twerking on a Brazilian beach.

A clip that reportedly features Claudia Ochoa Felix doing the maneuver was uploaded to YouTube by Pinche Menso. The Mirror alleges that it is her doing the dance while she is relaxing in the sun and moving to a Samba drum band. You can check out the clip below.

The footage actually emerged on YouTube four months ago, but it has only just started to go viral. The 27-year-old curvaceous beauty is believed to be the new head of Los Antrax, one of the most ruthless gangs in Mexico. She is responsible for the Sinaloa drug cartel’s contract killer squad who have murdered hundreds of people.

U.S. intelligence have described Los Antrax as “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organization” while the hitmen that they employ are regarded as the deadliest on the planet.

Claudia Ochoa Felix has developed a huge fan base on social media. The crime lord, who has a myriad of bodyguards to protect her from possible assassins and fans, lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her millions, and she used to like to share her antics to the world. However, she has actually started to delete most of these posts because she reportedly wants to hide any evidence of her rise to power.

Claudia is believed to have inherited her position after previous boss/boyfriend Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who was known as El Chino, was arrested. She insisted that wasn’t the case. However, when Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa died, she stopped regularly updating her Instagram and Twitter accounts. In fact, the last message she sent on the latter was all the way back in June.

In the past, it had been plastered with images of her carrying various weapons. She even uploaded an image of herself with a custom-made pink AK-47 rifle, as well as numerous pictures of her in a bikini.

Because of these rumors she has even been given the nickname of La Emperatriz de Los Antrax, which translates as the Empress of Los Antrax.

Despite the fact that she is hunted by numerous other gangs that hasn’t stopped Claudia from enjoying her extravagant lifestyle and she is regularly seen partying in clubs in Mzatlan, Culiacan, and Guadalajara. However she makes sure to protect herself by surrounding herself with guards.

[Images via Twitter]