Meet Claudia Ochoa Felix: The Most Dangerous Woman In The World

Gentlemen, Claudia Ochoa Felix is the type of woman your mother warned you about! Why? For starter’s, this 27-year-old Kim Kardashian lookalike reportedly just took over Los Ántrax, a hit squad that carries out executions on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel. Plus, according to the Telegraph, Claudia Felix carries a custom pink AK47. Last but not least is the fact that she surrounds herself with some seriously scary looking dudes!

So Who Is Claudia Ochoa Felix Exactly?

Described as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian,” Claudia Ochoa Felix is a mother of three who gained notoriety after the Mexican media reported that she had been tortured and assassinated. They were wrong. The victim turned out to be 23-year-old Yurina Castillo Torres, ex-girlfriend of previous Los Ántrax leader Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, aka El Chino Ántrax. He was arrested this past January in Holland after Dutch authorities were alerted to his presence by the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Regardless, Miss Ochoa Felix decided to capitalize on this notoriety by starting up an Instagram account and loading it up with highly provocative (dare we say “gangsta”) photos. How provocative? While the most questionable ones have since been removed, they included such delights as pink and gold-plated AKs, young children covered in wads of cash, and heavily armed thugs who cover their face in Taliban fashion.

Some of her most delightful pics are included below, courtesy of

Are The Allegations About Her True?

The allegations that Claudia Ochoa Felix took over Los Ántrax first surfaced on the drug war website Blog del Narco. However, Miss Felix fired back via Twitter, going so far as to refer to the allegations as “cowardly lies and slander.” Unfortunately for gangsta-girl Claudia, her Instagram photos do not really coincide with her statement — not even slightly! Not to mention the fact that she she seems unable to explain just how the heck she manages to afford such a luxurious lifestyle that includes the likes of custom AKs and luxury BMWs.

However, according to Fusion, Mexican officials have yet to even launch an investigation against her. This means she gets to continue flaunting herself on social media, where she is being received rather warmly. Her Instagram account already hosts over 30,000 followers, and her Twitter account purportedly hosted a whopping 88,000 Twitter followers, though it appears it has since been disabled.

Our guess is that Claudia Ochoa Felix is trying to tone things down, since being a superstar is not all that congruous to, you know, carrying out atrocious crimes like rape, torture, and murder, to name a few.

If you would like to see a rather shameless tribute to her, check the video below:

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