Brittany Maynard: Death Has Family Posting Goodbyes, But Brain Cancer Fighter Michelle Boyd DeJong Hopes For Life

Brittany Maynard and Michelle Boyd DeJong have one thing in common. Both were diagnosed with glioblastoma multiform, a highly malignant and aggressive form of brain cancer. But while Maynard believed the answer is euthanasia, DeJong claims her family would be happier if she lives a single day longer and that it’s worth the fight.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a terminally ill cancer patient named Kara Tippetts publicly begged Brittany Maynard to reconsider assisted suicide, claiming, “You have been told a lie. A horrible lie, that your dying will not be beautiful. That the suffering will be too great.” When Maynard announced she might delay the date of her death, some critics criticized her decision to wait. But a Christian priest said that Maynard needs compassion, not judgment, and tried to organize support for the brain cancer victim during her final days on Earth.

While Brittany Maynard’s death has not been confirmed, goodbye messages from family members began showing up on Twitter and Facebook earlier this afternoon. According to The Oregonian, Summer Holmes-Phillips wrote that her aunt, uncle and Brittany’s husband Dian Diaz are saying their final thoughts to Maynard.

“She will live on in our hearts and I will continue to share her message, just as I promised her I would,” posted Holmes-Kremitzki. “Fly with the angels, Brittany. I know you’ll watch over us all.”

Advocacy group Compassion & Choices spokesman Sean Crowley would not confirm Brittany Maynard’s death “in respecting the family’s wishes,” but they also said the organization will make an announcement either Sunday or Monday. Holmes-Kremitzki also seemed to be uncertain in the way the situation was described, since she also noted how Maynard was not set to die yesterday, “but as her condition worsened and the tumor took over control, it became increasingly more difficult for her to function. One comfort is that she was able to make the choice to end her suffering before she was unable to function at all. That’s what SHE wanted.”

Michelle Boyd DeJong and her husband Ryan believe that it’s better if Brittany Maynard’s death by euthanasia is postponed indefinitely.

“Ryan and I are relieved to hear that Brittany has been having some good days since her seizure following her trip to the Grand Canyon,” DeJong said. “We were worried that her public commitment to a specific date would influence a decision for the wrong reasons.”

The 28-year-old woman from Tampa was diagnosed with brain cancer back in May and she believes it’s best to fight the cancer.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I’m putting my family through,” DeJong said said to NBC. “But I know for a fact if I can stick it through they’re gonna be a lot happier if I live than if I die.”

This past week, DeJong was asked about Maynard’s choice. While the two may disagree on euthanasia, DeJong is happy the situation is bringing awareness to the cause.

“Brittany has been and continues to be a champion for all brain cancer patients as she demands awareness for a disease that remains without a cure, and for that I am so grateful,” DeJong said. “As Brittany and her family continue to navigate this difficult time, we wish them comfort, peace, confidence and bravery.”