Three Ronald Reagans Brutally Ransack Seattle Man’s Home

Whether you think Ronald Reagan is the greatest president of the century or the worst might vary quite a bit by your political beliefs but three men using Ronald’s face to hide their identity did something that’s pretty hard to see as anything but reprehensible this weekend in Seattle, reported KiroTV.

Phong Tran answered his door Halloween night to three men wearing Ronald Reagan masks who then burst into his home to assault and rob him. Phong was beaten so badly that when he was finally able to run from the house for assistance, neighbors assumed he was wearing a bloody Halloween costume, said local resident Andrea Mendoza.

“He was covered in blood and we just figured it was just Halloween so it was his costume but he seemed pretty out of it right?”

As if that wasn’t depressing enough, Tran noted to local media that his family barely has enough money to get by as it is. Despite Phong pleading with the burglars to at least leave things of little value, it was, unfortunately, to no avail.

“When one of them took my wallet, I asked them to ‘please I have no money in there,’ and they told me ‘shut up’ and came and hit me one more time in the head. They asked me for jewelry — ‘where’s the jewelry, where’s the jewelry’ — and I said ‘we are poor, we don’t have jewelry.”

Tran spent two days in the hospital as a result of his injuries. A phone and all of the electronics in his home were taken by the Ronald Reagan burglars. A few days prior to the incident, Tran saw someone trying to break into his house through his back door, to which his brother suggested that he should have surveillance installed on the property. Unfortunately, before he was able to the three Ronald Reagans showed up on his porch to terrorize him on Halloween night. This was despite the fact that he had affixed an extra lock to his front gate after being shaken by the attempted intrusion earlier in the week.

“Look how bad they kick in the door… one of them hit me directly with the gun and I was down on the floor.”

Because of the Ronald Reagan masks preventing a good description, there are no current leads on the case. A canine unit on the scene also failed to track any suspects. Police are asking for any leads at (206) 625-5011.

[Image via YouTube]