Cast Of 'Sons Of Anarchy' To Conan O'Brien's Show: When Will The 'SOA' Crew Appear?

Anxious fans of Sons of Anarchy will get quite the treat in November. While SOA viewers are anxious over the end of the series coming in just a few more episodes, this news is of a more positive nature. Some of the cast members will be appearing together on Conan O'Brien's TBS show soon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the big day will come on Tuesday, November 11. The SOA cast's appearance on Conan seemingly comes after what show creator Kurt Sutter has teased via his Sons of Anarchy spoilers is an episode that will show SAMCRO facing a big loss. Is that timing coincidental? Probably not, as there are few coincidences when it comes to Sutter and this show.

At this point, FX has revealed that the Conan appearance will include Kurt Sutter, Charlie Hunnam, Jimmy Smits, Tommy Flanagan, Mark Boone, Jr. and Drea de Matteo. It seems that additional cast members will be announced closer to the show's air date.

Fans will definitely be curious to see which other SOA cast members appear, as this is an interesting grouping. Naturally Sutter is involved, and fans will be glad to see the actors who play Jax, Nero, Chibs, Bobby and Wendy. Will one of those characters be the one Sutter has teased is in grave danger in Episode 9, airing November 4, and Episode 10, airing on November 11? Obviously, Bobby is already in a precarious situation, and many are worried about Nero in particular as well.

This will be the first group interview of this nature the cast of Sons of Anarchy has done. While there have been some cast members working together to do the show's own Anarchy Afterword on occasion, this event is definitely different. Conan has done quite a few similar interviews like this before, as noted by Entertainment Weekly. Some other themed Conan shows have included the casts of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Orange Is the New Black.

Granted, it's highly unlikely that the cast will reveal any big Sons of Anarchy spoilers during this show. There are a few tidbits out already based on photos snatched during filming the final episodes, but of course Sutter never lets anything too major slip out. The cast and crew are almost done filming the last episode of the series and that will surely lead to some serious camaraderie in the upcoming appearance.

How will it all end? Fans can't wait to find out. Tune in to watch the SOA cast appearing on Conan on Tuesday, November 11 on TBS. Then, tune in to FX every Tuesday through December 9 for the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

[Image via James Minchin/FX]