‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Kurt Sutter Teases Another SAMCRO Death, Partial Truths On Gemma’s Secrets To Emerge

Sons of Anarchy fans were left stunned, battered and beaten after episode 4 aired on Tuesday night. Those who thought that season 7 was moving along a little too slowly for their taste have to admit that things have taken a turn now. The first act, so to speak, of the final season is done and now Kurt Sutter is sharing some teasers and Sons of Anarchy spoilers about what comes next.

SOA show creator Sutter spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Juice’s future, when things get wild again and whether Jax will ever learn the full truth about Gemma killing Tara. Just what Sons of Anarchy spoilers did he reveal? For one, a core character of the show will die in either episode nine or 10. While many are banking on that being Juice, Sutter says it is not Juice. Let the speculating begin.

While nearly every fan out there suspects Juice will die this season, many would admit that seems almost too obvious. Sutter previously indicated that two SAMCRO members would die this season, and it’s sounding as if fans had better start considering some heartbreaking options. Will a truly core SAMCRO member bite the dust soon?

Will Jax learn what Gemma did? Based on the Sons of Anarchy spoilers for episode 5 revealed in the preview for “Some Strange Eruption,” it’s getting hard for the secrets to stay hidden. Now that Diosa was decimated by the Lin Triad, everybody is asking questions and pointing fingers. It all ties back to Gemma blaming Tara’s murder on one of LIn’s guys, which, of course, isn’t at all what happened. However, Sutter seems to tease that Gemma may still get away with Tara’s murder.

Sutter teases that Jax may not get the whole truth, and perhaps, he’s not even supposed to get it. It’s obvious that he’ll learn at least part of what went down that tragic day, but how does he handle whatever he does learn? At this point, it’s not known when he’ll know more or how much he’ll discover, but Sutter teases that it plays out in a different way emotionally from what people may anticipate.

Nobody quite knows where SOA is heading in these final nine episodes, other than the knowledge that it’ll be one crazy ride. Up next in the season 7, episode 5 show is “Some Strange Eruption.” Fox hasn’t released stills for the episode quite yet, but the promo shared by Spoiler TV shows Sons of Anarchy spoilers regarding lines being drawn, questions being asked and shots being fired. SOA season 7 is currently airing Tuesday nights on FX with just a handful of episodes to go before it all ends.

[Image via James Minchin/FX]