‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Series Finale Filming Reveals Hints Of Who May Survive

Only a handful of Sons of Anarchy episodes remain until fans can finally see how it all ends. Show creator Kurt Sutter and the cast are filming the final episode right now, and a few Sons of Anarchy spoiler photos have been uncovered. While they don’t tell the entire story, not by any means, they do give a few key hints as to who is still standing toward the end.

Given Kurt Sutter’s propensity to shock fans, virtually no storyline was off the table for these final episodes. Essentially, SOA fans have been prepared to see characters get killed off left and right, possibly big characters. Given that, fans have had a variety of theories all season long about who might die, and photos shared by Just Jared may give some fans an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief.

Sons of Anarchy spoiler photos from the filming of the Season 7, Episode 13 show feature Charlie Hunnam, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates and David Labrava together. Interestingly that’s the very same quartet that was spotted filming together just a couple of weeks ago for a slightly earlier episode, seemingly episode 11 or 12.

The good news for SOA fans, then, is that Jax, Chibs, Tig and Happy are all still alive when it comes to the beginning of the Sons of Anarchy finale. That said, there are a lot of core SAMCRO members, friends and family members unaccounted for at this point. Given what went down in episode 7 last week, many are very afraid for Bobby. He is still alive, for now, but fans are bracing themselves that he may not survive being held by Marks’ crew.

Episode 8 airing on October 28 is titled “The Separation of Crows.” FX teases that the search for Bobby ends up at a standstill and SAMCRO focuses on flushing out an internal rat. Jury White is back in this episode, and many assume that he’s ratted on the club after the young man, believed to be his son, was killed by SAMCRO.

At the same time, many SOA fans note Sutter’s ability to twist, turn and shock viewers, and it seems perhaps too obvious that White is the rat. Firm answers may not be revealed Tuesday, but there should be some solid developments.

Will Bobby live through this episode? Based on earlier Sons of Anarchy spoilers from Sutter, it would seem he will. Sutter has teased that he planned to have two SAMCRO members die this season, and West is already gone.

Sutter indicated that another person core to SAMCRO would die in episode 9 or 10. Could this be Bobby? Sutter did say that it would not be Juice. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Juice survives the season, just that he’s not the one to die in those specific episodes.

At the time that Sutter made the remarks about two SAMCRO members dying, he hadn’t finished writing the series yet. So, fans may want to consider that there could be more SAMCRO deaths ahead besides the one they’re anticipating already.

In addition, the wording regarding the death in episode 9 or 10 does seem to leave the door a bit open that it may be someone close to the club, but not in the club. For example, some wonder about Unser, Nero or Chucky. Then of course there’s the question of Gemma’s future, especially now that Abel overheard her admit she killed Tara.

Every week fans brace themselves for what Kurt Sutter has in store for them. No matter how much people speculate about what lies ahead, or think they have it all figured out, Sutter throws in complications and surprises. Will Jax, Tig, Chibs and Happy be the only ones left standing, riding off into the sunset with Charming left in chaos in their wake? Sons of Anarchy fans can’t wait to find out, and it won’t be much longer before the answers are revealed.

[Image via James Minchin/FX]