Leak Investigation: ‘Anonymous’ Twitter Account Says Darren Wilson Will Go Free In Michael Brown Death, Police On Alert For Riots

A leak investigation has surfaced that doesn’t involve the James Risen investigation, nor an investigation into a Uranium leak at a nuclear plant in Illinois. No, this leak investigation began when the Twitter account known as Operation Ferguson @OpFerguson tweeted the following leak, claiming inside government sources have provided a leak into the Darren Wilson investigation surrounding the death of Michael Brown:

“LEAKED: Based on 2 reliable confidential sources we now confirm an imminent announcement that the Grand Jury will NOT indict Darren Wilson,” reads the Twitter status leak that has caused many news outlets to pick up on the updated investigation and purported leak.

Not only has the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported the controversial tweets from the ‘hacktivist’ Anonymous group, who claims the source of their leak into the investigation is a government employee, but this article about the leak investigation on the Inquisitr published October 29 received at least 4,100 Facebook likes on Wednesday in fewer than 24 hours. A plethora of comments in response to the investigation leak can be seen accompanying the articles, along with additional social shares into the investigation that has sprung a leak.

“We’ve discussed this [investigation] & feel its safe to reveal that one of our sources for the leak is a gov. employee with access to police communications,” continued the Twitter account, revealing new information about the investigation.

In addition to claimed insider investigation information about the grand jury leak, the Twitter account mentioned preparations for riot in the wake of the official announcement, expected around November 10.

“LEAKED: Our sources indicate that virtually every local police agency as well as the National Guard and all local jails are on high alert,” Anonymous stated about a potential melee that could arise when the leaked investigation is officially announced.

As to the validity of the leak, Anonymous said, “We have been receiving very reliable leaks on this for several days. As we have always done, we chose to wait until we were sure. We are.”

The Guardian reports that St. Louis County police have been stocking up on riot gear in anticipation of new civil unrest. In the midst of this recent news about the leak investigation by the ‘Anonymous’ hackers group, CNN states that the Police Chief Thomas Jackson is expected to step down in a move that officials hope will ease tension. News about Jackson leaving his post may come next week.

[Image credit: ‘Operation Ferguson’ Twitter]