Nightmarish Armed Clowns Terrorize And Stalk People In A Small French Town

A group of armed clowns with knives are running around French towns, terrorizing and attacking people.

This is not the first time armed clowns have terrorized towns. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, creepy armed clowns were terrorizing two southern California towns.

"The small town of Douai and its suburbs in northern France reported several incidents involving belligerent clowns last week," said French newspaper La Voix du Nord.

A small girl was chased by one of these clowns on Monday, and a middle schooler was actually attacked by a clown. On Wednesday, another student claimed he was threatened by a clown. Police have detained a homeless man, who may have been a suspect. He was released because he only begged in his clown costume, and was not terrorizing anyone. French media reports that another arrest was made on Friday. No other information has been released.

"There is surely some semblance of truth to these reports, but it's all become clouded," an unnamed police officer told La Voix du Nord. "For some people it's turned into a phobia. One mother even asked us if she should keep her kids in school. There is an uncontrollable snowball effect here. It's difficult to fight against something that maybe doesn't exist."

This fear of the armed clowns has spread to children and parents who are worried about their children.

"A lot of students were anxious; we had to reassure some of them. This phenomenon of rumors has more of an effect on young people. Two parents even called us to find out if school entrances were secured," the school principle told the station.

People have even taken to social media to express their concerns about the armed clowns.

"Clown seen in Wazemme (Lille). On top of it, it's really not a joke, stay vigilant and don't hesitate to go out armed," @Zinedine_Mzt tweeted.

However, police have said, "Despite numerous reports made to police, there have been only a few sightings of people dressed as clowns having fun scaring passers-by."

Therefore, police have told local residents to not make their jobs more difficult by spreading false rumors on the internet.

Hopefully, police will solve this mystery as to whether armed clowns are really terrorizing these towns. If there are armed clowns, the police will hopefully catch the terrorizers.

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