Step Dad Creates Wheelchair Halloween Costume For Son Every Year [Photos]

Halloween is one of kids’ favorite holidays, as they get to dress up in their favorite costume. However, this fun time is a challenge for disabled children in wheelchairs, so this step-dad to a 6-year-old boy decided to get creative and build him a different Halloween costume every year.

The adorable photos were posted to Reddit, and have garnered hundreds of comments and praise from readers of the website. The man has certainly struck a chord with readers who find his wonderful actions priceless, and may even inspire some to do the same with their own kids.

The first photo the user, who identifies himself as Viper20220k, shared is the Halloween costume he created for his disabled step-son this year (the one featured at this top of this piece). The man explains that the tank was too big to make it through the school’s doors.

“This picture was taken at school. We had to break it down to get through the door. Takes a couple minutes to assemble. It’s about four main pieces. School doors were not wide enough. Costume was around 42-inches wide.”

wheelchair Halloween costume
Image via Reddit

The loving step-dad explains that to build the genius Halloween wheelchair costume around his special needs son, he used cheap mini blinds. He also used cardboard, duct tape, and spray paint, and spent a considerable amount of time wandering the isles at Home Depot.

From what the man says on his Reddit posts, the biological dad cares about his son, but that wasn’t always the case, and has a different view of how he wants to raise him.

“Even though he is nonverbal, we have our ways of communicating. Laughs, cryies, smiles, sighs. You just have to learn the language.”

“You just never know. I am not the amazing one, my wife is. She is on a whole ‘nother level. And the bonus, she had an awesome son to sweeten the deal.”

“He is very auditory, he likes music and having stories read to him. He also likes painting and coloring. He is a little thrill seeker I tell ya. Loves riding on the four wheeler, swinging, spinning in circles. Really enjoys being outside, when it isn’t too windy.”

wheelchair Halloween costume pirate

As far as how he comes up with the inventive Halloween wheelchair costumes, the step-dad says it depends on what they notice their son is interested in.

“He smiles and laughs a lot, we have a good idea what books, stories, movies, cartoons etc he is in to. We are always introducing him to new things and we keep tabs on what he seems to enjoy. That is basically how we zero in on what we are building that year.”

So what are the plans for next year? He said, “We’re going to introduce him to ‘Clone Wars’ soon. Maybe next year will be a ‘Star Wars’ theme.”

What do you think of the Halloween wheelchair costumes this step-dad has created for his son?

[Image via Reddit]