Happy Father’s Day! Here Are 16 Heartwarming Photos Of Fathers Being The Best Dads Ever!

Aren’t our fathers the best? The dad jokes, the burnt sandwiches, and the invaluable love and protection our fathers have given us throughout the years could never be measured.

And because today is Father’s Day, let’s take a few moments of our time to appreciate the amazing things our fathers do for us everyday. To celebrate the awesomeness of all the dorky dads out there, here are 16 heartwarming photos of fathers being the best dads ever!

1. This father who dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for his daughter

[Image from The Mary Sue]

2. This father gets a pedi from his daughter

Dad David Engledow takes super cool shots with his daughter Alice Bee. Some of their awesome photos could be seen here.

3. This father who built his wheelchair-bound son an awesome ice cream truck

[Image from My Fox Chicago]

4. This dad enjoying a sumptuous breakfast with his daughter

[Image from Stebok]

5. This soldier dad who’s training his kids early in life

[Image from The Meta Picture]

6. This father shopping with his son after a long, tiring day of fighting the forces of evil

[Image from The Meta Picture]

7. Legendary skater Tony Hawk skating with his daughter

[Image is screenshot of Tony Hawk’s Instagram]

8. This father celebrating his son after a night of victory against the Joker

[Image from Reddit user fenwaygnome]

9. This dad who wore a skirt because his son wanted to wear a pretty, red dress

[Image from Huffington Post]

10. This awesome soldier who surprised his daughter at a Spelling Bee contest

Watch the whole clip here:

11. This tattoo artist dad who got his son and his friends awesome (fake) tattoos!

[Image from Funny Junk]

12. This father who pretends to be a zombie for his zombie-hunting daughter

[Image from Break]

13. This awesome dad who doesn’t mind getting peed on

[Image from College Humor]

14. This dad who built a roller coaster in his backyard

Here is the full report fromCBS. Aptly nicknamed “coaster dad”, father Will Pemble built the roller coaster for his son, Lyle, who asked him if they could get their own roller coaster in their backyard. Pemble said:

“I started building the coaster because, Lyle, my son asked me if we could, and I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no,”

15. This father from China who carries his disabled son 18 miles to school everyday

So far, Yu Xukang has walked an estimated 1,600 miles back and forth to bring his child closer to a brighter future.

[Image from Central European News via Daily Mail]

16. This father who helps his paralyzed daughter walk

[Image from Qalo Life]

Happy father’s day to all the dads out there! Enjoy this wonderful day with your families.

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