School Shooting Update: Jaylen Fryberg Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Account Handle Changes And Death Writings

More information about the school shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School outside of Seattle is being revealed by taking a look at the social media thoughts of Jaylen Fryberg prior to the tragic school shooting on October 24.

As of this writing, the is still active one day after the school shooting that took place inside the school’s cafeteria on Friday. The shooting offender targeted and shot his own cousins in the melee, their grandfather said via CNN about the shooting.

What’s unusual about this school shooting is that Fryberg isn’t being pegged as a loner without friends who resorted to violence. Instead, the school shooter was a “happy and popular” student who was recently the homecoming prince at school.

The writings on Jaylen’s social media accounts reveal hints about his state of mind prior to the shooting at school. On February 3, Fryberg posted prophetically on Facebook, “When you wake up an your blood sugar’s 48 holy balls I feel like I’m dead.”

On December 28, 2013, a shooting death-related post with the wording “oooo kill’em” as Fryberg posed with a dead deer appeared on Facebook. One year earlier, on December 7, 2012, the school shooting perpetrator wrote on Facebook, “You know some days it’s a good day to die… And some days it’s a good day to have Frybread…”

While the Twitter account of FrybergJ doesn’t specifically mention warnings of a school shooting, there are disturbing entries that speak to an anger sparked prior to the shooting.

On August 20, he tweeted, “[You’re] not gonna like what happens next!”

With that angry tweet the school shooting culprit included an emoticon with steam shooting out of his nose.

That same day, the shooter tweeted, “[You’re] gonna piss me off…and then some [stuff’s] gonna go down and I don’t think you’ll like it…”

On June 20, the school shooting wrongdoer tweeted, “[F] it! Might as well die now,” and included plenty of angry-face emoticons and two broken heart mojos.

The Instagram page of the school shooter, which was previously located at has been deleted – a common occurrence after a tragic school shooting – but the Google cache showing Jaylen can still be seen. The famous photo of Fryberg holding a rifle not used in the school shooting with the words “I just love my parents!!!” can also be seen in a small photo. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Oct 24, 2014 20:26:57 GMT.

[Image credit: School shooting perpetrator Jaylen Fryberg via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter]