Anderson Cooper Calls Out Reporter For Disrespectful Conduct, Tells Him To ‘Behave’

Anderson Cooper takes his work seriously, if yesterday’s incident in Ottawa is any indication. The CNN journalist was in the Canadian capital reporting on a series of shooting incidents near and around the Houses of Parliament.

Amid the chaos, a local Sun News reporter asked Cooper to take a picture. According to The Globe and Mail, Cooper had little patience for the moment of fandom.

“No, I will not take a photo with you on a day where someone was killed. It seems wildly inappropriate.”

The Globe was quoting a video that captured the incident. The reporter, Vandon Gene, reportedly responded with irritation.

He said, “Wow, thanks a lot Anderson,” and then ranted on Twitter about Cooper, accusing him of exploiting the tragedy. He also claimed Cooper swore and ranted.

A video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube. Cooper is seen examining his phone after refusing to take a photo.

Cooper went to Twitter to respond to Gene’s accusations.

CTV News reports today that Gene has been fired. Sun News executive producer Matt Wolf apologized to Cooper on behalf of the network. Gene also tweeted his own apology to the CNN personality.

On behalf of @SunNewsNetwork, apologies to @andersoncooper for @vandongene‘s behavior. The issue will be addressed.

— Matt Wolf (@mw_wolf) October 23, 2014

FYI: @vandongene no longer has any association with @SunNewsNetwork. Now time to focus on the bigger issues @andersoncooper

— Matt Wolf (@mw_wolf) October 23, 2014

In response to a tweet of support, Gene offered an explanation of what happened.

CTV reports Gene had been with Sun News for six months as a chase reporter. His Twitter profile says he is an “aspiring journalist” and “news junkie,” and that his tweeted opinions are his own.

A Washington Post blogger summarized the incident by cautioning people against trying to shame Cooper on Twitter.

“Among social media pugilists, Cooper is a heavyweight champion. His penchant for fighting back when tweeters have the temerity to take shots at him is so well know that BuzzFeed has a bi-annual series dedicated to the awesomeness of Anderson Cooper’s ‘sassy’ Twitter persona.”

[Anderson Cooper Image: Donna Ward/Getty]