Student Attempts To Board School Bus With Loaded Handgun, Arrested In Charleston


A 15-year old student from Stall High School attempted to board a school bus Thursday morning with a loaded handgun according to Charleston County Sheriff's Office. The boy was stopped in his tracks.

According to Live 5 News, a concerned citizen, suspecting the boy may have had a weapon, called the Durham Bus Company and informed them of the possible situation. Durham Bus Company immediately called CCSO, who arrived at the bus stop shortly after, per ABC News 4.

Lt. Brokaw found the student at the Pickens and Greenwood bus top located in Lincolnville. As deputies approached the boy, they found he had a loaded.380 tucked inside the front part of the waistband of his pants.

The student was arrested on the stop and taken to the juvenile detention center.

This happened just three days after another Charleston student was found with a gun in his possession at George Washington High School on Monday (this Charleston being in West Virginia). Charleston Daily Mail reports that a student at the school thought he saw a gun in the jacket pocket of a 16-year-old sophomore on campus. The student went to Charleston Stg. Paul Perdue, commander of the department's Community Service Division,, who is a police officer that works out of the high school.

Sgt. Perdue sought out and found the 16-year-old and proceeded to detain him. The officer found a.380 pistol in the sophomore's pocket. This gun, however, was not loaded, as was the boy's at the bus stop.

The boy explained, according to Charleston Daily Mail, that he had "found the gun in his yard and brought it to school." Police are investigating the details of the gun and where it came from.

In the meantime, the sophomore was sent to Highland Hospital where he will be held for a week. A "juvenile petition charging the boy with carrying a concealed weapon was filed," as reported by Charleston Daily Mail.

Once the boy is released from the hospital, he will have an expulsion hearing with the Kanawha County school board, as well as face criminal charges for bringing a gun to school.

Kanawha County is buckling down on events like this. In fact, according to Charleston Daily Mail, "many high schools in Kanawha County have a prevention resource officer in the building. These officers are there to prevent students from committing crimes and provide a safe learning environment. The officers often have an office in the school and hold discussions on juvenile law, domestic violence, the dangers of drugs and other topics."

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