Ottawa Shooting: Suspects Still On The Loose [Shooting Scene Video]

Parliament Hill Shooting Update: The soldier shot at the Canadian National War Memorial during the Ottawa shooting spree has died. As also reported by The Inquisitr, shots were also fired at the Rideau Centre nearby. The Sergeant-at-arms at the Canadian Parliament building is being heralded as a hero for shooting the gunman that ran inside the Parliament Hill building.

Ottawa Shooting Update: Ottawa police are reportedly searching for two or three shooters. One gunman is believed to be deceased inside the Canadian Parliament building. Multiple shooting locations are now allegedly being investigated. A gunman in a black coat, with long dark hair, a hat, and scarf, reportedly approached a soldier at the Ottawa war memorial and shot him in the chest, according to CNN breaking news reports. The Ottawa shooting may have been conducted by “numerous gunmen.” A second soldier guarding at the Ottawa war memorial ran for cover. The soldiers do reportedly carry guns, but they are unloaded and are strictly ceremonial. One business journalist inside the Canadian Parliament building told CNN that a soldier was also shot outside of the prime minister’s office.

Canadian Parliament Shooting Update: The gunman reportedly ran towards the parliament building. Witnesses say several dozen shots were fired inside. An iPhone was dropped near the war memorial and will be reviewed. The Canadian Parliament raised the terror threat level just a few hours before the parliament hill shooting. SWAT teams are searching for at least one shooter who is believed to have taken a car and fled from the area. Witnesses also stated that at least one victim as given CPR and transported from the parliament shooting area to a local hospital, according to Fox News. A Canadian journalist inside the lockdown area told the media that he did see the body laying in a hallway and the individual appeared to be a civilian. Some breaking news reports now indicate the lone gunman is deceased.

The Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa is in the midst of an active shooting. One soldier near a war memorial has been shot, according to breaking news reports. Shots have reportedly been fired inside the Canadian Parliament. The number of shooters and victims is unknown at this time. The shooter was described by witnesses as a man in a black coat with a rifle. The prime minister has reportedly been moved to a safe location.

Concerns about the active shooting in Canada being related to an ISIS attack quickly emerged. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one Canadian soldier was killed in what first appeared to be a car accident earlier this week. The possible ISIS lone wolf jihadist attack remains under investigation.

canadian parliament shooting

The Canadian Parliament building area has been blocked off as police officers search for the shooter.

Check back with The Inquisitr for additional details about the Canadian Parliament shooting as more information becomes available.

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